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Where You and I become We

The United Hebrew Institute stands alone in the Wyoming Valley providing the finest quality education available for the Jewish child. We believe our synthesized approach to education, combining the best in general studies with traditional Jewish learning develops knowledge and character in each child.

The United Hebrew Institute was founded in 1950 by a group of dedicated people who felt the Wyoming Valley needed a Hebrew Day School to educate the Valley's Jewish children with a strong foundation in both secular and religious content. Throughout its history -- by 1955, the school had six grades -- the school has striven to achieve a balance of excellent secular studies with a religious curriculum that provies an understanding and appreciation of Jewish practices, heritage and a strong bond with the land of Israel.

Most importantly, neither half of this dual curriculum is given less attention -- or suffers in quality -- because of this dual mission.

The General Studies curriculum is on par with other private day school education parameters and benefits from professional educators who serve as personal role models as well as specialists in their fields of expertise.

Meeting the needs of children is a motto that is practiced on a daily basis by the devoted and dedicated members of our faculty. As with other private day schools, our students also benefit from small class size and individual attention.

The curriculum revolves around eight core subjects.

In General Studies, these include: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. In Jewish Studies, these include: Chumash (Bible), Hebrew Language Arts, Jewish Laws & Customs, and Mishna (Development of Jewish Laws).

The mission of the school has always been to provide both parts of the education at a level of excellence that would prepare its students for a lifetime of academic success and religious understanding.